Mevo bridges the gap between your visitors and your organization with a fully customizable chatbox.

Living room of your organization

Manage all visitor communication flow from a single screen with the power of your team.

Shared inbox

Single shared inbox that accesible for all agents you granted.

Easy team management

Invite your teammates with single link.

Multi-project support

Manage multiple project switch between them easily.

Seamless integration

Be ready to start in 3 minutes. No need to coding knowledge.

Quick answers

Create quick answers for common questions and access them easily.

Customization matters

Customize your chatbox color, greeting messages etc.

Transparent pricing

No room to bad surprises in Mevo. All transparent.

Be our special guests

We don't have millions of customer. You are valuable for us.

Blueway App

“Mevo provides a simple and powerful solution with transparent and fair pricing which allows us to offer our product at a much lower price point than our competitors. ”

Fatih Yıldızhan
Fatih Yıldızhan
CEO, Blueway App


No room for complex pricing schemes

Basic for stand-alone chatbox solution, Pro for premium features.



Free tier with powerful features

  • Shared inbox

  • Easy integration

  • Trusted domain

  • 5 quick answers

  • 1 seat

  • 1 channel per project

  • Chatbox customization

  • Visitor information

  • 2 weeks chat history

  • Community support



Unlock limits with Pro plan

  • All features in Basic

  • Unlimited quick answers

  • Unlimited channel

  • Unlimited project

  • 5 seats

  • 3 months chat history

  • White labeling

  • Premium support